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LOVE BOX: The Personal is political

Love Box lets you explore the sexual politics of the East Village both by listening to and recording site-specific audio.

The East Village is a sexy neighborhood. Historically, it's a place where people have experimented with sex, questioned sexual norms and conventions, and struggled for sexual liberation and identity. Feminism. Queer liberation.  Sex trafficking, and crimes of passion.

This neighborhood's got it all, and Love Box allows you to explore the terrain. As you walk the streets of the East Village, the sound of a catcall will alert you that you've arrived at a place that's been geo-tagged. Love Box also allows you to record your own personal stories. After all, the personal is political so we want to hear about your site-specific sexploits, sexcapades, romantic encounters, breakup dinners, trysts or flings. Love Box encourages you to kiss and tell.

During the Conflux Festival Love Box participants will be provided with heart-shaped stickers, real world tags they may stick to their favorite geo-tagged spots. At the end of Conflux, the geotagger with the most “favorited” stickers will win a bottle of French Champagne so drink a toast to East Village Romance!