(with Aline Cautis)
Electronic Noise and Live Video Performance

RE PAIR exists in a posthuman landscape where conventional beauty is awkward, void of overpowering superficial images, instead reliant upon a disjointed, inefficient functionality. Here, two courageous individuals join together in performance to repair defunct systems of communication with a new, more graceless language.

Our Bodies—Repair strives toward invisibility by shedding a dimension. Image exists solely as an emanation from the performance. As part of a 2-dimensional interface, we guide the audience to an alternative understanding of the environment in which dysfunction is favored.

Our Machines—Using synthesizers, sequencers, drum machines and other clumsy first generation digital instruments, the music we create mirrors our imperfect presentation. Instead of relying upon the vintage dinosaurs of the analog age or the high tech gadgetry of tomorrow’s laptops, we seek to extract innovative derivations from cheap, seemingly useless digital synthesizers. These instruments belong on the periphery of both the analog and the digital, retaining the visual presence of the former and invisibly conjoining it with the broader capabilities of the latter. Mostly perceived as obstacles upon the evolution of communication, we instead render the restraints of these instruments inconsequential by extending beyond the confines of limitation. Rediscovering the old provides luxury by rendering time and the progress of technology obsolete.

Our Music—Repair’s songs are memories of fabricated histories. Our lyrics echo words found on the pages of used books. We mix music from LPs and old television show theme songs. The vocals, like the synthesizer sounds, are both live and pre-recorded. The tunes fall apart. The rhythms are broken. The beat is abandoned. Technology breaks down, but the structure never disintegrates. In these erratic transitions between sound-scapes we’re able to reach new musical plateaus.

Rather than keeping up with the latest innovations, our inspiration is drawn from exploring the rudimentary stages of digital synthesizer technology. By diverging from trite replication of old patterns, we warp this seemingly archaic technology to provide limitless possibility for the future.